The Airzone Solution


An environmental catastrophe looms. Toxic Air Alerts are ever more frequent and disturbing changes in the climate seem irreversible. The government's latest solution has been to hire the services of the AirZone Corporation. But why is the situation not improving? Cuddly TV weatherman Arnold Davies does not concern himself with such weighty issues. However, unbeknown to him, an ancient power is about to turn his cosy life upside-down and pitch him into a struggle to preserve the Earth itself. Bewildered and reluctantly teamed with environmental activist Anthony Stanwick and infamous TV reporter Al Dunbar, Arniemust strive against the odds to expose a terrifying conspiracy while, never too far away, Dunbar's mysterious mentor, Oliver Trethewey, keeps a watchful eye. Ghastly experiments, hidden agendas and questionable loyalties all come into play before Arnie can discover the truth about the AirZone Solution.


Jon Pertwee .... Oliver Threthewey
Peter Davison .... Al Dunbar
Sylvester McCoy .... Anthony Stanwick
Heather Barker .... Rachel Lonsdale
Bernadette Gepheart .... Robin Archer
Colin Baker .... Arnold Davies
Nicola Bryant .... Elenya Brown
Nicholas Briggs .... Sam Flint
Alan Cumming .... MacNamara
Michael Wisher .... Richard Allenby
Quentin Rayner .... Quentin
Emma Hill .... Polly
Gary Russell .... Detective


Lair of the Silver Spoons
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