Annapolis is positively one of my favorite places to visit. It is the 
capital of Maryland, so it is very rich in history, even serving for a time
 as the nation's capital. It is situated on the western side of the 
Chesapeake Bay ( which divides Maryland in half) about 20 miles
 south of Baltimore and almost directly to the west of Washington,

Annapolis is one of those towns where you can park your car and get
 out and walk and find lots of things to do. The Annapolis harbor 
opens onto the Severn River, which feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.
 Numerous harbor and bay cruises are available for the tourist who 
wants a tour. Main Street leads right down to the harbor and has
 numerous shops and eateries for locals and tourists alike. 

Right down the street is the United States Naval Academy, home to
 4,000 midshipmen. Visitors are allowed in through Gate 1 year-round.
 Its really a fun place to visit because you get the chance to see 
officers-in-training, learn the history behind the Academy and the 
Navy, and get a great view of the harbor, Severn River, and the bay.

Once you leave the downtown area, Annapolis begins to look like any
 normal town. There is an abundance of shopping centers, eateries, 
movie theatres and more historical places to see. A trip to this area is
 definitley worth it!

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