Thrown for a Floop

Nickelodeon Magazine April 2001

Scottish actor Alan Cumming plays the wacky TV-show host Fegan Floop in the new movie Spy Kids. You can also catch him as Wyatt Frame in Josie and the Pussycats. We talked to Alan over the phone while he was soaking in his bathtub.

Nickelodeon Magazine: did you enjoy playing a villian in Spy Kids?

AC: It was great. He's not really a villian though. He's more a mad genius who other people use for evil things.

NM: What was fun about making Spy Kids?

AC: I got to sing a really good song. It was also great because there were lots of kids on the set, so we played between takes. We played on the funny chairs and in the corridors. It was like being in a huge toy room.

NM: Which cartoon character do you identify with?

AC: I feel like Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh, because in my life I'm surrounded by weird people and I think I'm perfectly normal.

NM: Is that how other people see you?

AC: I'm not sure they would agree. I think people think I'm a bit nuts.

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