March 12, 1999
8:00 PM performance

(in order of appearance)

Emcee				Alan Cumming
The Kit Kat Girls
	Rosie			Christina Pawl
	Lulu			Victoria Lecta Cave
	Frenchie		Joyce Chittick
	Texas			Leenya Rideout
	Fritzie		Michele Pawk
	Helga			Kristin Olness
The Kit Kat Boys
	Bobby			Michael O'Donnell
	Victor		      Vance Avery
	Hans			Richard Costa
	Herman		      Fred Rose
Sally Bowles		      Mary McCormack
Clifford Bradshaw		Boyd Gaines
Ernst Ludwig		      Denis O'Hare
Customs Official		Fred Rose
Fraulein Schneider	      Blair Brown
Fraulein Kost		Michele Pawk
Rudy				Richard Costa
Herr Schultz		      Ron Rifkin
Max				Fred Rose
Gorilla			Joyce Chittick
Boy Soprano (recording)	Alex Bowen