Song Descriptions
Short Descriptions of the Songs in Cabaret

1) Willkommen

Performed by the Emcee, Kit Kat Girls and Boys, this song is used to introduce us to the characters inside the Kit Kat Klub. This song sets the tone for the show: lots of sleaze, lots of fun with a little drama thrown in.

(2) Who Cares, So What

Fraulein Schneider is bargaining with Cliff for the price of a room to let. This song gives us a background on Fr. Schneider that is used later in the show.

(3) Don't Tell Mama

Our main introduction to Sally Bowles. This song shows a typical performance at the Kit Kat Klub.

(4) Mein Herr

Sally has just been replaced as the star attraction at the Kit Kat Klub. This marks her final performance and she uses this as her chance to show her dislike for Max and what he has done.

(5) Perfectly Marvelous

Sally is trying to convince Cliff to let he stay with him for a while since she has lost her place at the Kit Kat Klub.

(6) Two Ladies

The first of many songs performed inside the Kit Kat Klub that reflects life outside the Klub. The Emcee and two of his ladies dance around and sing about the glories of "twosies beats onesies, but nothing beats threes!"

(7) It Couldn't Please Me More

Fr. Schneider and Herr Schultz use the gift of a pineapple as the means for a courting scene.

(8) Tomorrow Belongs To Me

This pre-recorded song is used to show the beginning of the Nazi influence in Germany. Here, a young boy sings his dedication to the cause. Just as it ends, the Emcee eerily cuts the song off and says the final two words himself, showing how controlling and manipulative the Nazi party was.

(9) Maybe This Time

A love ballad sung by Sally. She has just told Cliff she's pregnant and they have decided to get married. Sally is hoping that for once, something will go right in her life.

(10) Money

Another song that reflects life outside the Kit Kat Klub. Cliff has unknowingly agreed to become a smuggler for the Nazi party to get some money for his new family. Here, the Emcee sings the glories of money and imitates Cliff in his pursuit of happiness.

(11) Married

Fr. Schneider and Herr Schultz sing about how wonderful it will be when they are married. Fr. Kost adds an additional voice for the German lyrics.

(12) Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Reprise)

Fr. Kost sings this song (in full) at the engagement party for Fr. Schneider and Herr Schultz. It has just been revealed that Herr Ludwig is a member of the Nazi party, horrifying Cliff, Sally, Fr. Schneider and Herr Schultz. As Fr. Kost sings, everyone at the party joins in (showing their allegiance to the party) except for the two previously mentioned couples. It is during this scene that Herr Ludwig suggests to Fr. Schneider that a marriage to a Jewish man (Herr Schultz) would not be in her best interest. At the very end of this song, the Emcee appears on the second level of the stage and moons the audience, revealing a swastika on his rear end.

(13) Entr'Acte

At the end of this orchestral movement, the Emcee appears on stage and announces "Audience Participation Time!" Then, after a short break, the Kit Kat Girls appear on stage doing a kick dance line with a surprise member all dressed alike.

(14) Married (Reprise)

Fr. Schneider has come to Herr Schultz's store to call off the wedding. Herr Schultz sings this song to try to change her mind. However, the song is interrupted by a brick being thrown through the shop's window.

(15) If You Could See Her

The Emcee sings a love song about his beloved (shown on stage as a gorilla). He boasts of her virtues and tries to convince us to look past her appearance and see her for her inner self.

(16) What Would You Do?

Fr. Schneider is questioned by Cliff about the cancellation of the wedding. This is her response to his questioning of her personal life.

(17) I Don't Care Much

The Emcee sings this song as Sally packs up her belongings and returns to the Kit Kat Klub. This song reflects her mood and her negative look at life.

(18) Cabaret

Sally has returned to the Kit Kat Klub and sings this song to show how she can't separate her life from the Cabaret. She sings of an old girlfriend and realizes that her life is likely to turn out the same way.

(19) Finale

Cliff is seen sitting in the train station dejected, beaten, waiting to leave the town that he had arrived in with such hope and excitement. He starts to sing "Willkommen" which is then continued by the Emcee who has surprisingly shown up on stage. Cliff continues to mouth the words as the Emcee sings them.
"Where are your troubles now? Forgotten? I told you so. We have no troubles here. In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful."
These words are spoken with a bitterness that was not present in "Willkommen." The second level of the stage is revealed exposing the orchestra pit, which is now vacant. The entire set is removed, leaving only the cast members who have assembled on stage.
Black Out.