Trips Magazine: I found this magazine on the internet and I am now a subscriber. It truly is one of the most fascinating travel magazines that I've ever seen. If you're planning a trip, check them out!
Yahoo! Travel: Handy guide for making reservations, checking prices, and learning more about your destination.
Northwest Airlines: I travel Northwest all the time. Why? Because I get a discount through my friend who happens to work for them.
Amtrak: I love to travel by train. It's relaxing and very low stress for me, compared to air travel. If only it weren't so darn expensive...


NewYork: I visit New York City often, mostly for the theatre.
Baltimore: My best friend lives in Baltimore, so I am there often.
Delaware: I live in DE so I must promote it in some way. Its a nice place to live and its in a terrific location on the East Coast inbetween several major cities.
Provo, Utah: I have a friend who went to school here. The scenery is breathtaking! I highly recommend this trip!
Key Largo: You can't go to the Florida Keys and NOT want to sing "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys. Beautiful weather, beautiful water, and great snorkeling!
Los Angeles: The Entertainment Capitol of the World! I got to see my favorite actor, one of my closest friends and all the sites that I've only read about. Great weather and the mountains are wonderful!

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