Alan Cumming Sounds & Video

ALAN This is a great collection of sound clips of things that Alan has done.
GoldenEye Trailer has the trailer to this movie up. Alan makes several appearances as the sexy/nerdy Boris.
Romy and Michele's.... Audio Clips These is an extensive collection of audio clips, which include some "Sandy" samplings.
E! Online Movie trailers: Buddy, Emma, Eyes Wide Shut, P&M, Romy and Michele's..., and Spice World
Alan Cumming Article Archive The Archive has several videos of interviews and TV clips that Alan has done.
Goldeneye Sounds This is a link to the Alan Cumming Worship Site which features 2 sound clips.
"Cabaret" commercial View the commercial for Cabaret that features Alan.
Sound Bytes from Cabaret and movies This is a link to "In Here Life is Beautiful." There are several clips available, but most do not seem to be working.
P&M Video Clips The NY Times has a couple scenes from Plunkett and Macleane
Titus Video Clips Titus clips from the NY Times
For My Baby Clips Remarkably enough, this site is auctioning off the rights to "For My Baby" and they have posted here 2 clips from this movie. I have seen the movie, and it is fantastic.
Saturday Night Live This is an almost complete collection of audio clips from Alan's apperance on 2/5/00. Joel is to be commended for his excellent work on this.
Spice Girls Alan comments on the Spice Girls video "Wannabe".
Plunkett & Macleane Clip Blockbuster has a clip from the film.
Flintstones Trailer Rotten Tomatoes offers up the trailer, plus some other interesting "Viva Rock Vegas" information.
Flintstones Premiere has coverage of the premiere, including shots of Alan from the movie.
Webby Awards View the webcast of the Webby Awards, which Alan hosted.
Titus Premiere Alan at the LA premiere of "Titus"
Titus Clips and interviews from the movie
Titus Clips and interviews from the movie
Anil's Ghost Audio clip from the book.
Urbania Interviews and film clips.
Get Carter Alan discusses his role and the film.