Cabaret Trip: February 18, 1999

Ok, here's just some moments from my second viewing of Cabaret:

(1) Linda Romoff was in for JJL. I found Linda much more enjoyable than JJL.

(2) Peter Gallagher was at this performance. ("While you were sleeping"..he had a TV show this fall that got cancelled) He showed up about 5 minutes to 8 and was seated at a center table in the front orchestra section.

(3) As everyone knows, Alan goes to the bar during "Mama" and since I was in the rear orchestra section, I got to see him up close. So, Alan comes back to the bar and I was trying not to stare as I saw him out of the corner of my eye go to the bar and get something to drink and talk to the bartender and some girls who were sitting on the floor. Then, Alan walks right past me and down the center aisle and starts dancing. I totally missed this the first time! So, he does his thing and turns around and saunters back towards me.

(4) During Mein Herr, Alan is off to the side upstairs and is straddling the railing and swinging his legs, I heard this breaking noise. I looked around to see what was going on, but Alan didn't seem to go out of character at all and acknowledge that something had happened so I forgot about it. Then, during the intermission, one of the house ushers was standing right behind me talking to another usher and I hear "Did you see what Alan did?" At this point I turned completely around to get in on the conversation. She goes on to describe what he had been doing. A direct quote: "Its supposed to be all sexy." when he's doing his thing off to the side. Yeppers! Anyway, he had been swinging his legs and turned around to look for his cue and accidentally hit one of the lightbulbs that line the stage and broke it! It came showering down upon one of the orchestra tables and into some lady's drink. The usher chick said it was a humongous mess to clean up.

(5) Sadly, I must admit that this was not Alan's best performance. He sounded and acted very tired. During Money, he couldn't keep up with the music and was very lethargic with his moves. During I don't care much, he missed a lot of the notes. At the end, he got the most applause but he did not get a standing ovation. I was very upset by that.

(6) After the show, Julia (from the list) and her friend Matt went directly to the door to wait for Alan while Linda and I went to the car to get our cameras. As we were walking down 53rd st. we saw a clump of people by the door. Egads!! Alan was already out! So we hustled down the street and got there just as Julia got her picture. I shoved my playbill and pen in his face and I got a pic with him *cheer* Then, Linda and one more person talked to him and then he hopped into his car (he was all alone). He seemed to be in a hurry. But, traffic was backed up so the car sat there for a couple minutes. Linda said he was staring at us through the window and so she waved at him.

Even though this was not the best performance I've seen (but its not the worst either), I still had a lot of fun.